Pablo Genovés is one of the leading figures in contemporary Spanish photography. His work is a careful reflection on the symbols of memory, the fine line between reality and fiction, and the culture and nature dichotomy. As well as on the consequences of a modern notion of progress and the resulting climate catastrophe. Genovés’ artistic practice, characterized by his pictorial-digital collages, springs from a deep knowledge of and interest in the history of photography, its limits and possibilities. This is a process that he sees as closely related to scientific practice. Time, research and reflection are seen as fundamental elements, both in artistic creation and in the viewer's approach to his work. In the artist's words: “The goal is always to find the truth”.

It is a curious and intimate contemplation that Genovés’ works demand. To whom do these images belong, what reality do they represent, does the sea have the capacity for revenge? In his best-known photographic series (Mutations, Dystopia, Anthropocene, Noise Chronology, and Precipitate), such questions are explored in relation to a violent nature far removed from man. A force that ravages and ruins the interiors of libraries, cathedrals, museums and palaces. Symbols of Western Culture, power and knowledge. These scenes, which have their origins in analogue vintage prints, are presented to us as disturbing premonitions after being digitally processed. This fusion of techniques creates an ambiguous experience about the passage of time and our place in it. One might therefore think that these are not fictions, but beautiful and terrible stories that tell of our own existence.

Pablo Genovés was born in Madrid in 1959. He lives and works in Madrid and Berlin.

After an initial phase as an advertising photographer, Pablo Genovés studied at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid with J. Leparc, J. Vallhonrat and Calum Colvin, at the Photographer’s Club, Camera Work Centre of Photography, Camdem Arts Centre in London, and at Art Students League in New York.

His work has been part of numerous solo and group exhibitions, national and international. Recent ones include: Paisajes temporales (2020), Marlborough Gallery, Barcelona; La unidad dividida por cero (2019), Niemeyer Centre, Avilés, Asturias; Tides (2017), St. Paul Cathedral, London; El ruido y la furia (2014), Sala Canal Isabel II, Madrid.

Genovés’ photographs haven been exhibited at numerous art fairs such as PhotoEspaña, Estampa, ARCO and Abu Dhabi Art Fair. His work forms part of major national and international collections. These include: Aperture Foundation, Coca-Cola Foundation, Banco Spirito Santo, Santiago de Chile Solidarity Museum, Patio Herreriano Museum Collection, CAC Málaga, CGAC, Rosa Olivares Collection and La Fábrica Contemporary Photography Collection, Madrid.